Executive Committee 2017-2021

IALE-Europe EC meeting in Ghent, 14 September 2017

IALE-Europe is managed and administered by an elected Executive Committee. The current Executive Committee was elected in September 2017 and will stand until the IALE European Congress in 2021.

Veerle Van Eetvelde | President | Belgium, University of Ghent, Landscape Research Unit

Simona R. Grădinaru  | Secretary General | Romania, University of Bucharest

Andrzej Affek  | Treasurer | Poland, Institute of Geography and Spatial Organisation PAS

Wenche Dramstad | Norway, NIBIO

Isabel Loupa-Ramos | Portugal, Technical University of Lisbon, CiTUA

Jonathan Porter | UK, Countryscape

Werner Rolf | Germany, Technical University of Munich, Chair for Strategic Landscape Planning and Management

Teresa Pinto-Correia | IALE Council representative | Portugal, University of Evora, ICAAM


Position statement and activity plan of the IALE-Europe Executive Committee​ period of 2017-2021

The current composition of the IALE-Europe Executive Committee (EC) 2017-2021 is not as a continuation of the previous committee but as a new initiative. We want to build on the experience and ensure continuity but more importantly we want to emphasise the dynamism the new EC will have.

This means that the members of the list proposed for the EC includes members of the community of IALE-Europe from across Europe and at different career stages. This means that we can use the expertise of three continuing members and have input of new ideas of four new members. The four new members are from countries that never had been a member of the EC until now, which we regard as an important indication that IALE-Europe is open for all countries of Europe. The other three members have been a member of the EC since 2009 or 2011. According to the statutes (article 15-1), members of the EC can be elected for two consecutive periods of four years each, unless the General Assembly expressly recognizes that it is impossible or inconvenient to replace the members in charge. We believe that to guarantee the continuity of a sustainable EC it is important that these three members continue.

The main overall goal of this term is to support and build the community of landscape ecologists in Europe, particularly to develop activities to complement World, European and national conferences, and to increase the sense of belonging.


Specific activities will include:

  1. Improving communication with members: IALE-Europe now has an established website and Twitter profile. We will build on this to increase the regularity of communication with members and the transparency of the organisation. In particular we will develop a blog on the website that will allow members to share ideas. We will also develop a newsletter to be sent every 6 months by email.
  2. Supporting national chapters: We will work to continuously improve the dialogue with and among the national chapters across Europe. At least one call will be arranged each year with the president of each national chapter. We will arrange one online meeting with all national chapters each year.
  3. Nurturing new national chapters: We will provide support to any European countries intending to establish a new national chapter.
  4. Collaborating with IALE: We will continue to work actively to support the activities of IALE international.
  5. Developing working groups: IALE-Europe has three working groups (WG 1 Europe’s Stakeholders - Shaping future policy and science; WG 2 Education in landscape ecology – Sharing knowledge and experience; and WG 3 Landscape Ecology and Practice – Bridging science and society), which we see more as working themes to organise activities. We will continue and enhance the three working groups and encourage wider participation in their activities.
  6. Organising PhD courses: We will organise a PhD course to accompany the IALE 2019 World Congress in Milano and the IALE 2021 European Congress.
  7. Supporting early-career landscape ecologists: We will work to support early-career landscape ecologists including self- organised early-career workshops in 2018 and 2020 to increase international collaboration.
  8. Holding a European Symposium at World Congress: We will organise a Europe-focussed symposium at the IALE 2019 World Congress in Milano.
  9. Supporting thematic workshops: We will provide support to members of IALE-Europe and national chapters for locally organised two day thematic workshops to encourage European exchange on particular topics in landscape ecology.
  10. Leading IALE 2021 European Congress: We will identify a venue and organiser for the next European Congress and provided full support to develop a successful meeting.
  11. Conducting member survey: At the start of the term, a survey that is sent to all members of IALE-Europe to canvass views and identify further priorities for activity.